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Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Odisha

 Revenue administration touches all social groups and stakeholders and is concerned with their problems. Activities of the Revenue and Disaster Management Department (R&DM) are not merely confined to solving peoples problems relating to land, these also include providing land to the landless and protecting the Government land. The Department shoulders the responsibility of providing immediate relief to the people affected by various calamities such as floods, droughts, cyclones, hailstorms, earthquakes, fire accidents, etc. It also takes initiatives for relief, rescue, rehabilitation and restoration work. In the matter of transfer of property, particularly the transfer of immovable property, the Registration Offices under the R&DM Department play a key role in serving people and contributing to the resources of the State. 

Computerization of Revenue Offices, updation of land records, digitization of cadastral maps, inter-connectivity among revenue offices, under taking survey operations using modern technologies, distribution of Government waste land for agriculture/ homestead purposes, distribution of ceiling surplus land, prohibition of tribal land alienation, regularisation of pre-1980 forest villages and encroached human habitations in forest areas, acquisition of private land for public purposes, formulation of comprehensive rehabilitation and resettlement policies for displaced persons, administration of minor minerals of the State and conduct of decennial census are some of the important activities of R&DM Department of Odisha.
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